A sound level meter is used at the West Cape Wind Farm.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

Acoustic Assessment

Sound results on critical questions.

Noise is a critical issue for local residents, municipalities and developers. Projects that operate quietly are better for all concerned, with less operational mitigation and associated cost. MKI has the tools needed to design and operate wind farms and solar projects under strict regulatory limits, so that our projects remain good neighbors with the local community.

MKI’s multidisciplinary team knows the latest technical standards, best practice guidelines, and regulatory requirements to minimize project impacts. Our engineers work with clients, regulatory agencies, and the public to make sure noise impacts and concerns are addressed before the project is operational, and are communicated clearly to all stakeholders.

MKI offers post-construction noise monitoring services to validate preconstruction estimates, identify problem turbines if they exist, and offer potential remedies as appropriate.

How we can help you

Pre-Construction Noise Modelling

MKI uses industry standards and best practices to design wind farm layouts that meet all regulatory noise requirements

Post-Construction Noise-Monitoring

MKI owns and operates all equipment necessary to monitor and assess operational wind farm noise levels

Correspondence and Issues Tracking

MKI has developed tools and techniques to ensure all stakeholder questions, comments and concerns are efficiently recorded and reported