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MKI Photo Contest

We held our first photography contest this past autumn. The submissions were so good that we decided to make the contest an annual event. This photo, taken by Andrea McDowell , won the second place prize- a piece of locally crafted pottery. Click here to see more submissions.

Mt. Mabel Meteorological Tower Installation

In August 2013, MKI installed a 60 m NRG meteorological tower on Mt. Mabel, 25 km north of Merritt, BC. MKI is currently developing two other wind energy projects, Mt. Guichon and Mamette Lake, in Merriett area.

Mamette Lake Turbine Photomontage

Using state of the art software, MKI produces photo-realistic mock-ups of wind turbines at their planned install locations to ensure that stakeholders understand the full extent of potential landscape changes near their communities.

Mt. Mabel Site Visit

For maintenance work in December, 2013. The site is accessible only by snowmobile during winter months.

Skyway 126 Final Public Meeting

More than fifty people attended the Final Public Meeting for the Skyway 126 Wind Energy Project. Public consultation is an important part of the renewable energy approval process and MKI knows that effective communication is an active two-way process. MKI staff Erin, Rhiannon, Sameer, Brian, and Tom arejoined by Dr. Christopher Ollsen and moderator Sheila Willis for the Q and A session.

More than coworkers

MKI staff often find ways to share their unique talents with one another. This September, Joel Jameson shared his exceptional bread making skills by baking everyone at the Ontario Office a loaf of whole wheat bread.

March Potluck

Every month MKI holds a staff potluck. Each one inevitably earns the ranking of "best potluck ever," at least until the next month. In March Brenda, Anya, and Tom served sausages, borscht, a selection of artisanal cheeses and a bottle of local wine.

Wind Facts Videos

CanWEA has released a series of Wind Facts videos that feature wind industry experts and grass roots organizations leaders. The video to the right features Kim Warren as he discusses the impact that new renewable energy infrastructure will have on the Ontario power grid in 2013. Click here to go to CanWEA's Wind Facts website to watch the rest of the videos.

Driving Green

MKI’s president, Martin Ince, take his commitment to the environment seriously both as a professional engineer in the renewable energy industry and as a citizen of the earth. While public transit and his thirty year old ten speed are his preferred modes of transportation, Martin also drives a blue Volt that runs on green energy.