An active hot spring in Iceland.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

An active geiser in Iceland.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

A Geothermal Power Plant operating in Iceland.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

A cinder cone volcano in British Columbia.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

Geothermal Energy

A global resource with immense potential.

Geothermal energy resources are perhaps the most misunderstood energy source despite being potentially huge. MKI has been in the forefront of promoting this resource in Canada and around the world. As a former Director of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association, Martin Ince has presented and advocated knowledge on the important technical, political, and policy realities required to enable Geothermal Electricity Generation. Conventional hydrothermal/geothernmal energy is being used in countries as diverse as Iceland, the USA, the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, and Japan.

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) is one area of expertise that MKI is developing in Canada. We are conducting research into EGS (sometimes called “Hot Dry Rocks”) for application to Ontario and the Maritimes and other areas of Canada not known for conventional hydro-thermal resources. As is being demonstrated in Australia at the Habanero EGS Plant, EGS shows how technical ingenuity, perseverance, and positive government policy can support a new renewable energy technology to become commercialized and eventually used world wide.

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How we can help you

Policy Direction

MKI is at the forefront of designing and promoting government policy to support geothermal electricity generation in Ontario

Technical Research

Considerable resources and efforts are put into defining the barriers to Geothermal exploitation across Canada, especially EGS research.

Pilot Project Design and Development

The development of an EGS conceptual pilot plant has long been a research interest of MKI.