An MKI Field Technician conducts avian mortality surveys at the Ravenswood Wind Park.

MKI evaluates the environmental effects of Norway Wind Farm operations on raptor populations.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

Post Construction Monitoring

Safeguarding local environments and project operations.

Rigorous post-construction monitoring is required to ensure that operating wind farms create maximum environmental benefit with minimum environmental cost. In Ontario this involves an intensive three-year post-construction monitoring programme for bird and bat mortality. As skilled project managers and experts with considerable experience in searcher efficiency and scavenger trials, and comprehensive mortality surveys and reporting, MKI will deliver results that clients and regulatory agencies can trust. Our goal is to keep our clients’ wind energy projects operating at maximum efficiency with minimum impact.

How we can help you

Monitoring Plans

MKI works with clients to design clear and cost-effective post construction monitoring and reporting plans.


MKI owns and operates all equipment necessary to monitor and assess operational wind farm noise levels.

Bird and Bat Mortality

MKI has developed efficient and dependable plans for bird and bat mortality searches, scavenger trials and searcher efficiently trials.


MKI works with clients, their consultants, and contractors, to ensure that construction sites return to their natural state as soon as possible.

Vegetation/Habitat Surveys

MKI works with clients to ensure that construction impacts and reclamation activities align with preconstruction goals.

Telecommunications Impact

MKI works with clients and members of the public to assess and resolve any potential impacts to telecommunication systems.