The results of computation fluid dynamics wind resource modeling are displayed.

MKI field technicians install a tilt-up meteorological tower.

Photo Credit: David Bagnarol

A tilt-up meteorological tower is shown shortly after installation in Prince Edward County, ON.

Photo Credit: David Bagnarol

MKI excels at installing meteorological towers in difficult terrain and weather conditions, such as at this site on Vancouver Island in BC.

Photo Credit: David Smith

An MKI installation crew takes off for an aerial site survey before installation of a meteorological tower in Brisay, QC.

Photo Credit: Juan Anderson

Resource Assessment

Assessing project potential for all renewable energies

Accurately predicting the resource at a proposed project site is fundamental to building a renewable energy project that meets client, regulatory and investor expectations. MKI uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure the greatest possible reliability in predicted wind speeds, solar irradiance, geothermal potential, and biogas production to meet project financing requirements.

MKI’s team can site, deploy, and install a range of meteorological towers and remote sensing equipment according to client needs. We use this data to produce accurate and reproducible resource models for your proposed site. MKI’s flexibility, responsiveness and strict quality assurance and quality control processes ensure that our clients and their backers can have complete confidence in the future of the renewable energy project.

How we can help you

Met Tower Installations

MKI has experience deploying and installing a range of meteorological towers in a variety of climates and terrain.

Meteorological Study Design

MKI has access to a large inventory of meteorological towers and remote sensing equipment that allows for customized study design.

Meteorological Data Analysis

MKI uses cutting edge hardware and software to analyze local wind regimes at, above, and around our clients’ project met tower locations.

Project Financing

MKI works with clients to produce technically sound datasets that meet rigorous investor expectations during project financing.

Quality Assurance

MKI has developed an internal quality assurance and quality control mechanism called Data is King that ensures the reliability of our data