10 KW ground mounted tracking units are installed in Wellington County, ON.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

The CANMET building is an example of good solar system design at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, ON.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

Solar Energy

Robust designs for inexhaustible resources.

While commercial scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are relatively new to Canada MKI has developed significant experience in system design. Using global best practices, detailed production estimates and validation, and a comprehensive system design checklist, MKI designs robust systems which minimize the risk of financial losses in the case of unexpected events or failures.

Maintaining a forward-looking perspective, MKI’s solar PV system designs ensure projects are designed effectively and efficiently. MKI works clients to identify and assess their project’s resource, financial viability, technical and environmental risks, and design options to ensure the final design lands on the optimal project layout.

How we can help you

Production Estimates

MKI’s solar production estimates are based on over 20 years of data from National Resources Canada's Insolation, Environment Canada, and NASA.

Site Design

MKI’s site design ensures maximizes production by minimizing shadow impacts and ensuring that the various sub-systems come together and perform as expected.

System Robustness

MKI’s system robustness assessment anticipates and mitigates the impact of future change, such as replacing a panel and its impact on multiple-MPP tracking.