A Canada Warbler, a species at risk, is carefully banded.

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Leshyk

Species at Risk

Protecting our endangered and threatened species.

Provincial and federal Species at Risk regulations are constantly evolving to best protect our most vulnerable species. Processes for assessing potential impacts to endangered and threatened species and obtaining any required approvals can be complex and very time-consuming, and, if left late or managed outside of the REA process, can have disastrous impacts on project timelines. MKI’s experienced project managers and biologists integrate Species at Risk concerns into the total environmental assessment workload, managing the complexity and minimizing project risk.

How we can help you

Population and Habitat Assessments

MKI biologists apply their knowledge in the field to identify and evaluate the presence of species at risk and their habitats Habitat Assessments

Regulatory Reporting

MKI works closely with clients and regulators to develop robust reports and protocols that ensure all parties can confidently address any Species-At-Risk concerns.