MKI designs and prints a full suite of consultation materials. These posters were used for a Wind Farm Ganaraska Public Meeting.

Martin Ince gives a presentation at the Skyway 126 Wind Energy Final Public Meeting.

Three turbines in operation at the Proof Line 1 Wind Farm.

Stakeholder Consultation

Helping you be a good neighbor to maximize project success.

Developers and host communities are neighbors for decades. It is therefore critical for proponents to take the lead in creating a productive relationship. MKI’s extensive experience in all forms of stakeholder consultation can help clients communicate their project and vision effectively. MKI develops strategies and consultation programs for all stakeholder groups, including First Nations, agencies, municipalities and the public, and carries out all phases of communications activities. We can create websites and newsletters, respond to public telephone and email inquiries, organize and attend consultation meetings, etc.

How we can help you

Public Engagement

MKI works with clients, landowners, members of the public and local interest groups to find opportunities for engagement and relationship building.

Public Meetings

MKI organizes public meetings for regulatory and non-regulatory processes to build and maintain positive relationships between clients and stakeholders.

Correspondence Tracking

MKI has developed tools and techniques to ensure that all stakeholder questions, comments and concerns are accurately recorded and reported.

Strategic Communications

MKI utilizes a range of communication material to deliver clear and consistent messages to targeted stakeholder groups.

First Nation Engagement

MKI works with First Nation partners and clients to ensure renewable projects are developed in a forthright and respectful manner.

Municipal Consultation

MKI engages municipalities in lasting and positive relativeships.