MKI captures customizable photographs that include important local landmarks such as this school near the Snowy Ridge Wind Park.

Photo Credit: Sameer Shah

Precise control points, contour lines, and turbine wireframes are generated with Wind Pro software.

Photo Credit: Sameer Shah

The final photomontage includes realistic 3d turbines .

Photo Credit: Sameer Shah

Visual Impact Assessment

Seeing the future

MKI recognizes the importance that the local landscape has on shaping the lifestyle, values and identity of local community. With that in mind MKI has invested heavily into the tools and talent necessary to garner support from financiers, local stakeholders, the public and regulatory agencies. MKI’s extensive Visual Impact Assessment experience includes projects that range in size from one turbine to ninety-nine.

For proponents and the public alike, seeing a photograph of a proposed wind farm can demonstrate concretely what the project will look like in its actual landscape. MKI puts client’s projects in place using photo-realistic mock-ups of wind farms, 3D animations and visualizations, and detailed mapping and reporting which show which turbines will be visible through Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI) analyses. Furthermore, understanding the extent and magnitude of impacts, such as shadow flicker, is vital in designing a wind farm and gaining acceptance from members of the public. MKI’s analyses follow global best practices and guidelines, and MKI’s reports ensure that clients and their stakeholders understand the full extent of potential landscape changes within their community.

How we can help you


MKI puts clients’ projects in place using state of the art software to produce photo-realistic mock-ups of wind turbines at their planned install locations.

3D Project Animations

MKI’s 3D project modelling ensures that clients and stakeholders understand the full extent of potential landscape changes within their community.

Shadow Flicker

MKI follows global best practices to calculate and communicate potential shadow flicker exposure and ensure impacts are understood and minimized.

Zone of Visual Influence

MKI produces detailed mapping which show where turbines will be visible within the local landscape.