Three turbines at the Ravenswood Wind Farm after construction in 2008.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

Three of eleven turbines at the West Cape "Phase I" Wind Farm.

Photo Credit: Martin Ince

The Canadian Auto Workers Union Enercon E48 turbine in Port Elgin, Ontario.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bernacki

Wind Energy

Up-front support to achieve efficient project design

MKI sited, designed and assisted building the first wind farm under the Ontario RESOP process. Since then, our team has worked on numerous wind energy projects at all stages, including siting, design, permitting, construction, operations and post-construction monitoring. Our depth and breadth of experience will help make your project successful.

We work with our clients to identify a range of development areas and corridors, perform resource and environmental studies, design project layouts, and design mitigation and management plans that respond to individual project needs. Overall, MKI’s team provides the skill, flexibility, and responsiveness to move projects forward through the regulatory process.

How we can help you

Layout Design

MKI finds the optimal project layout efficiently by involving engineers and environmental teams in the discussion for balancing production goals and preservation values.

Production Estimates

MKI produces bankable production estimates to ensure our clients and their lenders know what to expect once their project is operational.

Constructability Assessment

MKI collaborates with clients and contractors to find the most environmentally and socially appropriate cost-effective site design.